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“Love Your Brain . . . Put a Lid On It”

Want to do something about helmet safety in your town? Something that can save lives and prevent many needless injuries?

Why not try a get involved with the CHI 2016 helmet campaign! Helmet safety has many parts, but there are few things that can make as much difference to a person's safety as a helmet. Unfortunately, many people don't know how important one is. They may not have ever tried a helmet on or seen one up close. Others have just not thought about helmets, think they are expensive, or have been postponing a decision. That's where you come in!

The CHI 2016 helmet campaign ties in well with the current concern about reducing obesity. Schools and health departments are looking for ways to promote healthy physical activity for both youth and adults. Keeping your weight within a reasonable range is important for health, and Bicycling, Tricycling, Skateboarding, Scooters, Inline Skating, , Tobogganing / Sledding, Hockey, Ringette and Skating can help. But keeping safe and wearing a helmet is important too. The concerns can be addressed together.

The CHI 2016 helmet campaign will educate the public--children, parents and adults for the need for head protection. In many communities, this means overcoming apathy. While that may not be easy, the results are gratifying. Seeing the need for head protection often raises other questions about how to make the these activites safer.

Once people see the need, they must be able to get helmets. The CHI 2016 helmet campaigns work with local school to arrange the sale and distribution on quality helmets.

The bottom line, however, is results: saving lives and preventing serious injuries. And it's been shown that helmet save lives!

Contact CHI to learn how you can get involved to help promote helmet safety! -- Toll Free: 1.888.527.7827 -- Local: 905.574.9270


Head injuries are the second most common sport and recreational injury. Helmets are effective in reducing the risk of injury and mitigating the extent of injury to the head / brain in the event of a fall or impact with an object.
(Cushman, R. Position statement on legislated helmet use by users of non-motorized wheeled vehicles. Ottawa Public Health, November 29, 2004)




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