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CHI is a not for profit organization, dedicated to reducing head injuries and promoting physical fitness.



CHI has launched the Spring 2016 Helmet Campaign. Order forms will be distributed to every student through participating schools. This is a limited time offer. The Canada Helmet Initiative (CHI), Public Health and the School Boards in your community are committed to the health and physical wellness of you and your children as you participate in activities that require helmets. Your school is supporting CHI and providing helmet safety to all family members. Through this campaign a certified bicycle or multi-sport helmet can be purchased at a fraction of the retail cost. For every helmet sold CHI will donate a portion of the sale to fund helmet and safety education programs throughout your school board.


“Love Your Brain . . . Put a Lid On It”




















A well-fitted helmet helps to protect the brain from injuries that can happen with a crash or fall. Keeping the brain safe is important because it controls how the body works. Prevention is the only cure for a brain injury. Go to to learn more about helmet safety or for additional information.
Quick facts:
• 88% of brain injuries can be prevented by wearing a well-fitted helmet
• Children and adults need the same head protection
• The law in most provinces says that all cyclists under 18 years of age have to wear a helmet
• Parents are role models. Always wear your helmet
• Your brain is what makes you unique – keep it safe!
• Remember, the type of helmet changes with different activities
A very succinct and graphic in a positive way video, as to why you should wear a helmet when boarding!
The Canada Helmet Initiative and your school board are committed to the safety of you and your children.
For a chance to win a new bike, check out our poster contest at: Choose the Events tab.


Go to the Initiatives page for full information on the 2016 Helmet Campaign
Head injuries are the second most common sport and recreational injury. Helmets are effective in reducing the risk of injury and mitigating the extent of injury to the head / brain in the event of a fall or impact with an object.
(Cushman, R. Position statement on legislated helmet use by users of non-motorized wheeled vehicles. Ottawa Public Health, November 29, 2004)




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Types of helmets available for the 2016 Helmet Campaign




Follow these rules every time you wear your helmet!
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